Instagram Comment Likes, Twitter News Alerts, and Facebook Greetings Cards | Social Media Trends

Dec 2016
Instagram Comment Likes, Twitter News Alerts, and Facebook Greetings Cards | Social Media Trends
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Instagram is taking after parent company Facebook with a new “likes” feature as well as making it easier for users to report abusive content.

Meanwhile, Twitter is taking a new approach to breaking news alerts, and Facebook is getting into the holiday spirit with holiday greeting cards and new ways to share moments.

This is the latest trending social media news you need to know!

Twitter’s Aim At Making Headlines 

Some Twitter users may have noticed new push message notifications on their mobile phones as a Twitter continues a new “headline” trial.

The platform is sending news alerts based on your Twitter habits.

This isn’t Twitter’s first attempt at instant push notifications, as the platform has utilized a similar feature for breaking weather reports and other similar emergency alerts.

Once a user clicks on the notifications, they are taken straight to the platform’s “Moments” hub, where a collection of relevant Tweets and other media appears.

Have you noticed the latest push updates from Twitter?

Facebook Gets In The Holiday Spirit 

Social giant Facebook is offering users a new way to connect with friends and family thanks to a new messaging feature.

The latest update, which you may have already noticed floating on top of your news feed, highlights a specific event or holiday with bold and bright creative options in hopes of encouraging users to engage on the topic with their friends, families, and followers.

The latest messaging feature is also making it easier for users to partake in the joys of the holidays, offering up to almost 20 interactive digital holiday greetings cards to share on their profiles.

There is no doubt Facebook is making a valiant effort to engage its user base while offering plenty of new ways for advertisers to reach their audiences.

How are you implementing Facebook’s latest updates into your marketing strategies?

Instagram Allows Liking Comments 

Instagram has finally rolled out its new “like” feature to all users.

People now have the option to “like” comments on their posts, making it easier than ever before to engage with followers.

A new heart shaped symbol can now be found next to comments on a photo or video. With a simple tap, users will be able to notify their followers that they have acknowledged and “liked” their comments, similar to Facebook’s like feature.

The platform is now also making it easier for users to protect their content from prying eyes, thanks to new updates that allow for removal of followers as well as the ability to turn off comments on certain posts.

The latest updates are part of Instagram’s plans to make its community “safer” for all of its users.

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