In The News: Twitter Buys a Startup, Facebook Prototypes News Feed Feature, and LinkedIn Debuts “Featured” Section

Feb 2020

Improvements are on the horizon for social channels as they begin testing the waters for future features and one feature ready to go! This week in the news, we see Twitter acquire a new business to further user creativity in conversations, Facebook has begun internally prototyping a new format to view your News Feed, and LinkedIn gets a new section for profiles to highlight content.

Twitter Buys A Startup Company

In the past, Twitter has dabbled with camera features for users to express themselves. Could Twitter be getting into the photo/video game with its new startup purchase? Chroma was a seven-person startup created by ex-Facebook and Instagram employees that built photo and video-editing features for apps. The startup unveiled last year with the intention of offering editing features to users before they posted them on social media.

Twitter acquired Chroma to give more creative expression in conversation to Twitter users. The platform does not offer any Stories-like features, but changes could be on the way in the future.


Facebook Prototypes A Feature for News Feed

Facebook is switching up your news feed with a new prototype that will filter news into a few tabs. You may experience scrolling endlessly down your News Feed, but this would be a game-changer for how you view your feed in different formats. This sorting system would allow you to separate content in a few tabs, and that could be key to keep you scrolling for longer.

What does the prototype do? This feature would allow you to filter your news feed to Most Relevant, Most Recent, or Seen posts. The Most Relevant tab being the standard feed, Most Recent is a reverse-chronological feed, and Seen is posts you have already seen before. The prototype has been tested internally, but there are no plans on this feature launching externally.


LinkedIn Debuts A “Featured” Section on Profiles

Always looking to improve, LinkedIn has done it again and added a new section to profiles to highlight content. The new “featured” section will allow you to set specific content for visitors to see when they view your profile. This feature is comparable to pinned posts, found on apps like Twitter and Facebook.

If you are looking to make an impression on your LinkedIn, this would be a great way to control the content people associate with you when they view your profile. It may also be a way to connect with people and what they might have in common with you. Consider it an ice-breaker for your LinkedIn. What will you set-up in your featured section?


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