In the News: Instagram Updates IGTV for Creators, YouTube Makes Their Video Builder Tool More Accessible, and Facebook Creates a Guide for Advertising

Apr 2020

As staying indoors becomes the new normal, platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are doing all they can to help businesses. Instagram is taking action to get more creators to use the service. YouTube is giving more businesses access to the Video Builder tool. And Facebook is sharing a guide to help users better advertise during this time.

Instagram Releases Updates for IGTV

In order to maximize usage of IGTV, Instagram redesigned the homepage to feature a creator at the top. The featured creator is picked based on who the user follows and whose content the app thinks might be interesting to them. 

Instagram also added a Discover tab to show new and relevant IGTV content as well as a hands-free recording mode. Currently, the app displays videos from people who users already follow and other popular videos. 

The last update Instagram added is the ability for users to post their IGTV content in their Stories. With this new feature, 15 seconds of content will play in Stories, causing users to want to click to watch the whole video.


YouTube Gives Businesses Access to Video Builder

To help businesses who don’t have resources to create videos from scratch, YouTube offers Video Builder. This free tool allows users to animate static images, text and logos. The user has the ability to choose from a variety of layouts based on their message and goals, as well as customize colors and font. This tool is a quick way to create 6 to 15 second video clips. 

Due to the circumstances of coronavirus, YouTube is making this tool more readily available for businesses that lack the ability to gather new video content during this time.


Facebook Shares Their Ad Guide

COVID-19 has forced businesses to adjust to the unpredictability of their businesses. Facebook shares that business leaders should understand that media results will vary right now,  as there are unusual usage behaviors at this time. The platform suggests using A/B testing to help businesses get better results. 

megaphoneDid you know 94% of Facebook Ad revenue is from mobile devices?

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