In the News: Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Offer Resources to Help Businesses Bounce Back from COVID-19 Losses

Aug 2020

As businesses try to get back into the swing of things, media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google are trying to provide businesses with tools and resources to assist them in recovery. In the News: Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Offer Resources to Help Businesses Bounce Back from COVID-19 Losses

Facebook Offers New Training Sessions for Businesses

Facebook has been working hard to provide businesses with education programs on how to use their platform more efficiently. These are just a few of Facebook’s Summer of Support business education program:

  • Using Facebook Groups to Build a Customer Community – Learn how to create Facebook Groups, so your customers and discuss their passion and thoughts about your products.
  • Connecting With Customers Through Messenger – Learn how to acquire customers, enable transactions, drive awareness and build stronger customer relationships with Facebook Messenger’s different features. 
  • Paying it Forward – Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s VP of Global Marketing Solutions discusses the importance of giving back, and shares how businesses have found ways to support their communities during the pandemic.

In addition to the Summer of Support business education program, Facebook has also been continuing their Community Education series, which focuses specifically on how to make best use of Facebook groups, with insights from group admins and experts.

LinkedIn Shares a Social Media Recovery Guide

LinkedIn created a 12-page eBook outlining how companies can set themselves up for recovery post COVID-19 based on past economic downturns.

The guide covers:

  • Brand Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Change Management
  • Media Planning
  • Message Planning 

The guide consists of insights from industry experts as well as data to emphasize the findings. The guide also includes actionable steps that businesses can utilize to assess their current situation, and maximize opportunities.

Google Removes Commission Fees for Product Listings

As Facebook and Instagram make enhancements to their online shopping experiences, Google is taking steps to ensure that it maintains its stake in the online shopping space.

In addition to making their product listings available for free to assist ecommerce businesses, the platform is now giving businesses participating in the Buy on Google checkout experience extra assistance by removing its commission fees on Buy on Google listings. 


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