IHOP or IFLOP? | Social Media Help Desk Episode 17

Jun 2018

Did IHOP just launch the best… or the worst social media campaign ever? In an attempt to draw in more customers, the breakfast chain temporarily changed their name to IHOb (International House of Burgers) causing an online frenzy. This week, our social media help desk panel, Assistant Project Manager Alexandra Denton, Web Designer Billy Bates, and Content Editor Taylor Glaze broke down the publicity stunt and discussed whether the media buzz would really pay off.


With the launch of IHOP’s somewhat controversial new campaign, the company has been receiving plenty of feedback – both positive and negative. Taylor went through the dos and don’ts of handling criticism online, advising brands to address the conversation publicly, but then take the conversion offline, and to always have a plan before addressing online “haters.”


How do you handle negative comments on your page?


Billy lent his email campaign expertise to the panel as he walked through the best way to create a more personal connection with your audience through emails. Billy advised that the best way to grab the recipient’s attention is to hook them with a personal subject line and to deliver a VIP experience to the reader. Your subject line should always answer the question – why should I open this email?


How do you ensure that you have the right subject line for your e-communications?


In recent news, our team discussed some pretty interesting trending topics. Did you know the most popular channel for teens 13-17 is YouTube?? Despite the popularity of other channels like Instagram and Snapchat, kids these days are being drawn to YouTube. Billy, Taylor, and Alexandra discussed their thoughts on the media platform and more at the end of this week’s broadcast!

How is your brand using YouTube to connect with younger audiences?


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