How We Get The Creative Juices Flowing At KWSM

Oct 2019

When you search for the core values of KWSM, the first definition you will find is creative.  Creativity is the secret sauce behind so much of the magic that our team brings to our clients. Telling one client’s story as many different ways as possible wouldn’t happen without the creativity that our team members bring to the table.

Day in and day out, we use our imaginations to construct original ideas for our clients. Most of the time, people don’t think of marketing as being artistic work, but that’s where they are wrong. From the captions we write to the videos we produce, creativity is what yields everything with our name on it.

If we’re being honest, being creative at a minimum of 40 hours a week isn’t easy. However, through KWSM’s training, brainstorms, and professional development speakers, our team has learned how to properly fuel our bodies to be able to bring our A-game to work each day. 

We like to take a healthy approach to our creativity.  This mindset includes getting enough sleep at night (for some more than others), eating right, and even making time for our favorite hobbies like yoga or softball after work. All of these things refresh our minds to be more creative when we need to be “on.”  

If creating exceptional online content was easy, anyone could do it. We spend our days thinking about what will be interesting to our audience, how we will add value and, what keeps them coming back. Then, we’ll do it all again tomorrow. 

Check out some of our internal creative work here:

If you have big ideas, are willing to take risks, and want a job where you can be innovative and try new things, KWSM could be a very good fit.

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We want to work with people who are passionate. If you have the ability to get excited and roll up our sleeves to serve our clients, we might just be the work-family you’re looking for!

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