Are Blogs Important for My Business?

Oct 2019

It doesn’t matter whether your business sells products or offers a service, your customers and clients need to understand what you offer and why. While your website may have product or service pages, blogs offer a deeper dive into the who, what, where, when, and why.   blogging

Blogging is an important way for your audience to get to know you better. By blogging, your brand is able to explain what you do in great detail.  Blogs help businesses form a connection with their audience. If your business is not already blogging, we want to encourage you to do so for these three reasons.


Build SEO

What applied in Field of Dreams, applies in Google’s eyes.  If you build it, they will come.  The more content you create for your website, the more Google and other search engines will value your site.

Adding pages with blogs helps boost your SEO.  Websites with strong SEO welcome more traffic. You can also increase your chances of being found by writing on various topics that will interest many types of people. The more that people find and read your blogs, the higher your website will rank.


Showcase Your Expertise

Now that you have organic traffic – i.e., new visitors to your website, how will you convert them into loyal fans?

Before anybody makes a purchase or contacts a company about a service, they will want to verify a company’s credibility.  Your brand is no different. We’ve all seen that janky website where there’s a product on there, but very little information about the company or the people behind it.  Many consumers might pause and wonder if their order will actually arrive. 

You can form a connection with an audience by explaining in great depth who you are, what you do, and why!  If you are passionate about helping people, those who need help may be more inclined to work with an energetic team.  

When you exude confidence with case studies and testimonials – both great blog topics, by the way – people will be more interested in what you are speaking about. They will be inclined to look to you in the future for answers to their questions. 


Promote Products & Services

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that your business aims to generate leads or sell products.  Steps one and two of this blog help bring people in and educate them. How have we done so far with you?

The third part is to complete the transaction.  

Blogs can be timely or seasonal, or they can capture a person’s everyday needs.  Sure, you can promote your super fuzzy and warm socks for winter with a banner graphic on your page.  How will audiences find that? It might be much more effective to write a blog – 7 must-have items before winter’s arctic chill arrives!  This gives you an opportunity to showcase your socks alongside six other products (some of those could be yours).

Google’s spiders pick up the SEO content – make sure you put in those keywords – and expose it to your audiences.  

Because you’re writing fun and interesting content, you could even craft that blog to incorporate other brands in your blog.  Think how adding Uggs, North Face, Sorrels, Carhartt, or other popular products alongside your socks will make your socks stand out.

Of course, you will then want to share that blog onto social media – tagging those brands to catch their audiences.  If executed properly on social, your blogs will have the star power to attract new clicks from new audiences. 

Did you know? Companies that blog receive 97% more links to their website.

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