How to Write a Great LinkedIn Recommendation

Oct 2014
Photo credit: @barkbox
Photo credit: @barkbox

Many of us have worked with some wonderful people over the years that we would gladly recommend on LinkedIn. After all, sharing a positive experience about another professional is a great way to show your appreciation and strengthen connections.

Not only do recommendations benefit the people who receive them, but they also reflect on the people who write them.  Here’s how you can write a LinkedIn recommendation that puts everyone in the right light.

Grab their attention from the start.

What makes this specific individual shine? Where do they really excel? If there a bold statement you can make about the person you are recommending, the first sentence is the best place to put it.

Describe your relationship.

Why are you qualified to write a recommendation about this person? Offering specific context shows that your comments come from a place of genuine knowledge and understanding. To accomplish this, you can mention where you’ve worked together, the length of time you’ve known them, and why they’ve earned your full confidence.

Share some traits that make this person stand out.

Tossing all the predictable compliments aside, can you pinpoint one or two things that this person does better than anything else? Use these standout qualities to tailor your recommendation. If you get stuck or want a little guidance, feel free to ask what they’d specifically like you to talk about—just as long as you can write about it with sincerity.

Add a touch of personality.

Is the person you are writing about especially gifted at keeping people at ease during stressful situations? Did they bring pastries for early morning meetings or run your company’s softball league? These dashes of character can show potential employers what kind of person lies beneath the resume.

Clearly state your recommendation.

End your post with a short and solid recommendation. With this confident touch, you drive home the point that you think this individual is qualified to take on their next adventure.

Even if you don’t receive any specific requests to do so, try building recommendation writing into your weekly routine. After all, it is a great way to build deeper connections with your network, and it just might be the nudge that someone needs to sing your praises in return.

Have you written or received any great LinkedIn recommendations? Share what made them stand out in the comments!

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