How to Use a LinkedIn Drip Campaign to Connect with Quality Leads

Aug 2017

Depending on your industry, your goals for social media might be less tangible than a traditional e-commerce business. But, if you’re using social media to market yourself, or your company, one goal should always be top of mind for all professionals online – reach an audience that is interested in your services. For many businessmen and women, LinkedIn is an important resource that will play a huge roll in your online marketing strategy. But how do you find the quality leads you are looking for? Everyone wants results from their efforts, especially if you are spending the time and resources on LinkedIn. With a LinkedIn message drip campaign, you can connect with professionals in your industry that fit your target demographic and can potentially bring business your way. This step-by-step process will help you make those connections organically and effectively.


Keyword Search

Start by creating a list of keywords that the professionals you are looking to connect with might include in their LinkedIn profile. These keywords can be job titles, industry specialties, or just general terms that someone with the qualifications you’re looking for might mention in their professional description.


A Compelling Message

Next, construct the message that you will be sending out with your connection request. Remember, you only get one chance to grab their attention and persuade them to accept you as a LinkedIn connection. Once the message is sent, you won’t be able to reach out until they accept. Make a strong first impression. Be sure to include in your message a brief statement about who you are, your business, and why are you reaching out to connect with them. End the message with a clear action step for the recipient. How are you going to turn this connection into potential business? We recommend requesting to meet for coffee, but a phone call or skype meet-up are both appropriate ways to reach out and learn more about the connection’s business.


Connection Requests

When it is time to send out your connection requests, use your industry keywords to find the users you would like to message on LinkedIn. You can search for connections by location, so you know the lead is local, and you can narrow your search by selecting “2nd connections”. 2nd connections are LinkedIn users who are connected to someone else you know on the platform. By requesting these 2nd connections, the LinkedIn member is more likely to accept your request.


Follow Up and Follow Through

From the people who have accepted your invitation, follow up with an additional message expressing your interest in learning more about them. After the initial connection has been made, it is your responsibility to follow through and find out more about them. Taking the conversation off of LinkedIn and making a true, in person connection will put you one step closer towards translating your lead into business. You must take the connection all the way to end to see true results from your efforts.


Making quality connections with business professionals is the first step towards doing business. By following the message drip campaign method, you can connect with individuals who will be interested in your business and could be an asset to you moving forward. Interested in learning more about drip campaigns? Find out how a traditional email drip campaign can benefit your business.


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