How to Show Off Your Business Through Video Content

Apr 2020

At KWSM, we believe that video is a vital tool in sharing our clients’ stories. Every business has a story to tell and at KWSM, we thrive on helping them uncover and communicate the messages that matter.

The Importance of Video Content

Video provides insight into why you are the best at what you do. Think of it like courting your clients. It is likely that they will be shopping around for your services and by giving them an inside look at how you operate, you educate them about why you are a better choice than the others. It’s a leg up against the competition. 

Our Tips and Tricks to Create Impactful Video Content

If you’re just launching a video marketing campaign, here are the important things to consider when crafting your content:

Subject Matter

The subject of the videos you create is the most important element. We recommend focusing on what your business is about. This is a time to share your history, how you got started, and how you care for your clients. Don’t be afraid to talk about why you excel in your product or service offerings. Another great topic is what you can do for your clients. There’s no harm in highlighting your unique expertise. 

Tone of Voice

You have likely spent a lot of time crafting your messaging for your website and social media. When you are creating videos you will want to take this into account. Is your business more casual and humorous, or are you educational and professional in your tone? By focusing on the tone of voice that you use across all platforms you can discover the best way you want to present yourself in video. At KWSM, we can help craft that message through interviews and scripting to keep a consistent tone throughout all your marketing materials.

Visual Components

If you run a manufacturing company, you want to show off your facility. If you have a highly creative and collaborative space for your employees, you want to include visuals of your team engaging with each other. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what video can do to enforce your message. Think about the unique offerings you have and craft your visual story around them. 

Energetic Delivery

There is one tip that we adamantly believe in: deliver your message with enthusiasm! We know that you are excited about what you do and that’s infectious to your clients. A little passion can go a long way toward conveying your message effectively. We understand that standing in front of a camera can be intimidating. However, the camera often makes what we think of as normal conversation look flat. So don’t be afraid to be over the top! Adding a little drama and theater to your delivery will unlock the zeal in which you attack your offerings for clients. It will feel uncomfortable at first, but the finished product will be worth it. 

Relatable Video is the Way of the Future

Social media platforms are now prioritizing video content over photos and text in newsfeeds. That means if you are creating video, you actually have a better chance of reaching your audience. It’s important to follow the trends and be on the forefront of digital marketing best practices. 


Do you have questions about how to get started with video content? KWSM can help! Our skilled team of videographers and production managers can help you navigate the new frontier of digital marketing. 


81% use video in their marketing strategy.

KWSM has an in-house video team that will help give your brand a human face, and generate the results you’ve been looking for.

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