How to Publish Long-Form Content on LinkedIn

Dec 2014
How to Publish Long Format Posts on LinkedIn
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Publishing long-form content on LinkedIn allows business owners to further establish their professional identity, and now is available to everybody. Through this tool, even members who are not in your network can follow your posts and receive updates when you publish next.

Each time you post an article directly on LinkedIn, your original content becomes part of your professional profile. Not only is this long-format content displayed on the Posts section of your LinkedIn profile, but it’s also shared with connections and followers and becomes searchable both on and off of LinkedIn.

Are you excited yet? Here’s how you can start publishing:

Access the publishing tool.

In order to directly publish your posts from the LinkedIn dashboard, click on the pencil icon where you’d normally share an update. This will take you to the form to write your content.

Upload a cover image and give credit where due.

Grab the attention of potential readers by adding a cover image where prompted. The recommended image size is 698×400 pixels, but whatever image you upload will be scaled to fit those dimensions.

Once the image is successfully uploaded, users have the option of attributing its source. To give credit to a designer or photographer, hover over the image’s upper left corner and provide the name or copyright information of your source.

Add your copy and check the formatting.

In the designated areas outlined by LinkedIn’s publisher, fill in what you would like the post to say. If you tend to write your posts in a Word document ahead of time, or if you are sharing content you have already posted elsewhere, be sure to check the text for awkward formatting.

Add some media.

If there are any additional media you would like to share, LinkedIn offers a simple solution for including them in your posts. For images, this requires using a JPG, GIF or PNG file that is no larger than 10MB. Videos can be added from YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo, Ted, Livestream or Getty images by including their <embed> code.

Once your text is in place and these items are all checked off, your post is ready to be shared with the world! Hit the publish button, then use the social share buttons at the end of your post to get the word out!

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