How to Nurture Online Leads with Email Drips

Nov 2021

email dripsEmail marketing is an effective way to drive traffic back to your website, build relationships with your audience, and showcase your industry expertise. Email drips are one main tactic many businesses use to facilitate and nurture conversations with customers and prospects. Drips are a series of emails sent out to your audience, with the goal to get them to take action. Learn why email marketing is right for your business and how to include tactics like email drip sequences.

Effectiveness of Emails

Emails are one of the top marketing tactics used to successfully connect with customers. They are the most cost-effective and simplest way to increase the quality and quality of your leads. This is because nearly all adult consumers use email on a daily basis. Consumers are looking for businesses to provide them with recommendations and news updates on a regular basis. 

That’s what makes email marketing so effective for staying in touch and converting more prospects into customers. When sent out consistently, lead nurturing communications like those included in drip sequences have a 4 to 10x higher response rate than general emails. This is because you can “drip” out a series of emails over a short period of time, using enough information to keep readers engaged–and easily moving them through your sales funnel.

Email Drip Sequences

Email drip sequences are a go-to tactic because they’re effective and are also simple to set up.

To start your drip sequence, you need to first decide which audience you want to target. Since sequences all begin once a prospect takes a specific action, it’s important to decide what actions will best support your overall business goal. This action could be visiting a page on your site, filling out a form, or downloading an ebook. 

The next step is deciding your messaging for that audience; once that’s determined, you’ll begin to send out emails. Once a prospect takes the action you’ve decided, they are then added to a campaign that should include a series of emails sent over several weeks. Through those series of emails, your messaging should convince your prospect to learn more about your products or services, read your blog content or testimonials to showcase your expertise, and ultimately reach out to your sales team.

The goal of all email marketing is to cultivate relationships with leads and boost conversions. Email drips are so effective at reaching these goals because they allow for custom messaging to each of your prospect audiences. This in turn reduces repetitiveness and better identifies customers’ pain points, helping you to influence their purchasing decisions. 

megaphoneDrip campaigns can generate 50 percent more sales.

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