How to Improve Customer Experience on Your Website

Aug 2018
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You have a unique product on your hands, without a doubt. So why aren’t you receiving new customers? You’re active on social media, you’re creating ads, your networking and attending events to get your brand name working, but there’s no action on your site.

Have you taken a look at your digital presence from your customer’s perspective? Surely you’ve reviewed your site hundreds of times when it was built, but have you taken a step back? Consider how your customers are feeling for the first time seeing your site, and if you’re too close to the brand, ask a friend to navigate your site for feedback.

The usability, flow and design of your digital presence are essential to attracting new customers. There’s too much competition in every industry to ignore these aspects of your marketing. Let’s take a close look at your website from your customer’s point of view.


If your website hasn’t had a design update in the past decade, it’s time for a modern makeover. As shallow as it sounds, customers trust a site that looks fresh and current more than one that’s riddled with HTML text and outdated fonts. Your about section should boast that you’ve been around for over 50 years, not the design of your site. Your design should also be easy to read and understand. You can be a little flamboyant if your brand allows for it, but make sure your customers don’t get confused.


Navigation is also essential to keeping your customers on the site. They shouldn’t have to look around for as long as five minutes to find a specific product. Think carefully about your labels on the main navigation bar and be keep it as simple as possible. Your customers should click on a button, with an idea of what to expect next. A search bar is always helpful as well to direct them to exactly where they want to go.


Now when it comes to innovation there are several touches you can make to your site depending on your established brand presence. If you’re a serious law firm, you can still keep it simple, but add a homepage slider to show that your site can be hip and happening too. If you’re a fun retail brand, simple details like allowing customers to shop based on social media photos from past buyers can make a huge difference. Even customizing your design based on different seasons, holidays, or sales can enhance the user experience on your site. A light temporary snowfall on your site for the winter holidays can be fun and festive.


Add the same innovation to your event planning! Build up your guest list with these content ideas.



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