How To Get More Engagement On Pinterest

Mar 2015
Photo Credit: @rebeccajeanjubilee
Photo Credit: @rebeccajeanjubilee

So you’ve got your Pinterest profile completed and you’re pinning content left and right, but you’re not receiving any engagement. To expand your reach and get your content seen by more people, your pins need to be liked, pinned, and shared. If you’re struggling when it comes to getting interaction on Pinterest, here are a few things you can do to encourage more engagement.

Make it informative. Pretty pictures and cute anecdotes may get some attention, but studies show that informative pins get much more engagement. Aim to make your content helpful and useful. Always include a description to accompany the pin that clearly explains what the pin is. Think short and concise headlines, like “10 Tips To Save Money On Utilities.” Information that can be used later, like a recipe or cleaning tip, is more likely to get pinned than adorable but uninformative photos of puppies.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about using appealing photos. A photo of a cute puppy may not get more interaction than a few likes, but a helpful article about puppy potty training to accompany the adorable photo is more likely to get pinned. Use aesthetically pleasing photos of good quality to accompany content that contains helpful information.

Speaking of aesthetics, make sure to consider your brand when creating content to be pinned. Choose colors, fonts, and graphics that match your branding. Use text overlays on images to give the photo more value for Pinterest users. If your pins consistently match your brand, people will be more likely to identify your helpful pin with your brand, and ultimately follow you and pin your content.

The best way to encourage engagement and increase your following is to become a resource for other users. Useful and informative content includes how-tos, tutorials, and step-by-step instructions. Content with helpful tips and tricks receive a lot of engagement. Curated lists that include helpful links are popular, too. Create valuable content that is helpful and informative and Pinterest users will like, pin, and share it with others.

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