How To Gain Reviews On Your Google+ Business Page

Nov 2015
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PC: i_am_pungpond

Positive reviews on your Google+ business page mean that you have happy customers. A great star rating establishes credibility with your audience and also impacts how your business shows up in Google search results. While it’s clear having good reviews on your Google+ business page is great for multiple reasons, actually getting the reviews can be a hurdle for many business owners.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled the best ways to gain reviews on your Google+ business page.


Make Yourself Available

Take advantage of the different avenues through which you communicate with your clients. Link your Google+ page to your email signature or to the bottom of an email newsletter. You can also add a Google+ badge to your website. Connecting your Google+ business page through links, buttons, and badges not only makes it easy for people to find your page, but also lets them know you are active on Google+.

Connect Across Channels

Sharing your Google+ business page on your other social media channels gives your entire online audience the opportunity to visit your page. You can share your page as a link and ask people to connect on Google+ with your business. Being connected to other social media accounts means you’ve cast a larger net for people to find your Google+ business page and leave you a review.

Simply Ask

After a positive interaction with a client, politely ask if they’ll write you a review on your Google+ business page if they find it appropriate. It’s important not to suggest they leave you a raving review, but simply let them know your business is on Google+ and their feedback would be greatly appreciated. Ask clients who already show your business support by liking or leaving positive comments on your other social media channels; they are more likely to leave you a good review.

Before you begin to solicit reviews, make sure you have a complete Google+ business page and remember that only Google+ users can leave reviews. Also note that sometimes making an effort to gain reviews isn’t necessary as long as you’re providing excellent service. Extremely happy customers will go out of their way to leave your business a positive review. Just make sure they know you’re active on Google+.

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