How to Expand Your Local Reach with LinkedIn Ads

Mar 2018

With online advertising, an out-of-the-box outlook can keep ideas fresh and help you take your marketing strategy to the next level. Facebook’s advertising platform is a tried and true way to promote your business, and we will always advocate for utilizing Facebook ads, but like a financial portfolio, you need diversity. By exploring different social media platform advertising capabilities, you get the opportunity to try something you haven’t done before while reaching an entirely new, untapped audience. If you’re looking to expand your local reach with online advertising, LinkedIn ads could be the answer to your marketing prayers.


LinkedIn’s advertising tool isn’t new, and in fact, many professional companies use LinkedIn ads to obtain qualified, professional leads. But you don’t need to be a traditional professional business to reap the benefits of LinkedIn. You just need to know enough about your audience to make it valuable.


One of the best parts of LinkedIn is that most all users attach the company they work for to their personal accounts. This makes targeting employees of company simple and effective. For businesses looking to target employees of the local businesses around them, look no further.


Start by creating your standard LinkedIn ad. This can be a website traffic ad, a lead gen ad, or any of the various options LinkedIn offers. The key is in the targeting. Select your city to keep your targeting local, then, enter the specific organizations you are hoping to target employees of. Anyone who has associated themselves as employment of these companies will now be in your very specific and targeted audience.


Facebook advertising targets can be very specific when it comes to targeting by user interest or habit, but where it lacks in employment targeting, LinkedIn excels. Whether you are a local gym, clothing store, bank, or company in the service industry, you can benefit from targeting the local professionals in your area.


Some of the best ideas come from the most unconventional ideas. If you feel like your company is in a marketing slump, change it up! The opportunities are endless once you get the creative juices flowing. For more unique advertising ideas and creative social media tips and tricks, follow our daily social media blog.


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