How to Establish a LinkedIn Network as a Lawyer

Sep 2020

LinkedIn has over 706 million users who are ready to network and create professional connections. While you may not meet with all of your digital connections in person, you need to continue to network with people who can help promote your firm. 

In addition to creating a complete and professional profile for your firm, you can create connections and establish your expertise through your personal LinkedIn profile and posts. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Create Engaging Posts

The first way to begin building your network on LinkedIn is to create posts that will show prospective referral partners that they can trust you with their clients and connections. Once you create blog posts, share them on LinkedIn and drive traffic to the blog. These posts will help increase your website traffic while showing your audience that you are an expert in your field. You can display your professional expertise by sharing articles that relate to your area of practice so that viewers see that you understand what is happening in the industry. People engage with posts that include images or videos the most, so be sure to include visual elements in your posts that work cohesively with your text. These posts will help you build trust with your growing audience while you continue to optimize your SEO. 

Manage Requests and Messages 

Every week, or even multiple times a week, you should search for people to connect with on your personal LinkedIn profile (company profiles cannot connect with other people or organizations). When you find someone who is a good fit for your network, send them a request to connect along with a message explaining why you want to join their network. These messages add a personal touch and show the other person that you are professional and intentional when you add people to your network. Don’t forget to connect with other lawyers who may be able to refer clients to you. For example, family law attorneys can network with estate planning lawyers to help their clients with the division of assets and long term family arrangements. 

Establish Networking Groups

LinkedIn groups are a great way to share your expertise with other lawyers or professionals in your area and create an online referral network. Whether you create a new group or simply join an existing one, it is important to remain engaged with the content that other members post.

Growing your network on LinkedIn may seem challenging, but by following these best practices, you can quickly build a network of potential referral partners.

73% of lawyers surveyed by the American Bar Association maintain a personal LinkedIn presence. 

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