How To Create A Unique Holiday Vibe For Your Brand

Dec 2017

How To Create A Unique Holiday Vibe For Your BrandAlthough the holidays are a season of togetherness, it’s okay for your brand to strike out on its own path. With everyone re-decorating their websites and social content to look more festive, you’ll want to do everything you can to stand out in the crowd. If Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer can do it, so can you. You’re in good company. Here are a few ways to give your brand a unique holiday vibe:


Break Away From Stereotypical Colors

Sometimes “breaking barriers” can mean something as simple as choosing a unique color scheme. Typically, when December rolls around, the signature colors start to emerge. Everywhere you look, you start to see bright red and green. While these two colors have a lot of history behind them, they’re not your only option for the holiday season. Try testing out different colors that are festive yet on-brand. For example, if you’re a whiskey bar, you might do a deep burgundy with a forest green to match your darker aesthetic. You might even forgo red and green altogether and work with black and gold or black and silver. Your designs and your color palette would still convey a holiday spirit, but it’ll be much more unique to your brand. Not only will it allow you to stand out, but it’ll also attract your audience’s eye even more by keeping with the aesthetic they know your brand for.


Choose Relevant Props

A few signature holiday props – like candy canes or Santa hats – can come in handy for certain photos, but opting for something a little different can make a big difference. Say you’re a juice company and your message is, “life’s all about balance.” You’ll want to take advantage of the holiday party season and incorporate festive drinks – like red wine and champagne – into your flat lays and photos. You could also add in silver or gold tinsel, maroon lace, or white fur. The most important thing to remember when you’re choosing your props is to pick things that not only speak to the holidays, but that speak to your brand as well.


Think Ahead

When there are two holidays back-to-back, always remember to take photos for both occasions. With the example of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you’ll want to be prepped for transitioning from one to the other. If you’re using a unique holiday vibe, however, you’ll actually have an easier time transitioning from one to the other. For instance, the photo shown above could be used for marketing to both holiday parties and New Year’s Eve parties.


No matter what, have fun and don’t be afraid to draw outside the lines!

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