How to Create a Strong Brand Personality

May 2021

Creating brand personalityBrand personality is a set of characteristics attributed to a brand through the eyes of the consumer. A brand’s personality shapes the public’s perception of the brand through how it acts, communicates, and how it looks. Brand personality is vital to the success of a brand and allows consumers to assess the brand’s reputation or demeanor. It’s important to remember that a brand’s personality can either attract or repel customers. So when establishing the personality of the business, think of how you want your brand to be interpreted. Below are some tips for creating a successful and strong brand personality for your business!



Your brand personality should always accurately reflect your business and the type of audience you have. You wouldn’t want to portray your brand as something that it isn’t; for example, an accounting firm would not usually be a trendy personality known for being a pioneer in social media. Consumers want to trust that how you portray your brand is authentic and trustworthy – what you see is what you get. 



Your brand personality must be memorable! You want to ensure that your brand is unlike any other and stands out from the crowd. This draws customers in and builds your brand personality more and more—increasing your following and engagement. No one is drawn to a mundane brand that lacks unique characteristics; the audience wants a memorable brand that shows who they are and what they represent. Implementing eye-catching visuals or a strong brand message is a great way to keep your audience interested in what you have to offer. The more engaging the content is that you share, the more likely you are to keep your current customers while also continuing to gain new ones. 



Your brand personality also directly correlates with the style you choose to showcase your brand. Colors, fonts, logo, tone of voice, and so on play a huge role in your brand’s personality and determine your brand’s style from that moment on. The style should be cohesive on all platforms and easily recognizable when differentiating your brand from your competitors. The style should directly correlate with the brand personality and should unify the business as a whole. 

When brainstorming for your business, put yourself in the consumer’s shoes and think of how you want them to view your brand. The brand personality should be authentic, unique, engaging, and inviting – the true foundation of everything your business has to offer. 



86% of shoppers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social media.

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