How to Avoid Being a One-Hit-Wonder on Social Media

Sep 2017

Avoid Being a One-Hit-Wonder on Social MediaVanilla Ice was on top of the world at one time. A very, very, very short time.  What did he do wrong, you ask? Multiple things. And those things, believe it or not, can be applied to a social media strategy.

One-hit-wonders are catchy, and they usually live on for years at weddings and karaoke bars. The problem is that those who created them do not have long-term success.  I have a feeling that if you played Jump Around to any former member of House of Pain, they’d (not-so)politely ask you to turn it off.

Here are a few ways to make sure your social media presence is not a one-hit-wonder.


Focus on Quality

Quality over quantity reigns true on social media.  Your strategy should outline a posting schedule, and you should stick to it.  But if your content is slipping you need to adjust.  Facebook’s algorithm will push your content out if it’s consistent, but it will also take kindly to quality content.  

Quality means high-resolution images, well-thought-out copy, and absolutely no grammatical mistakes.  You should already know who your audience is, so research what they are responding to, and then create your content with thought and attention to detail.  


Know Your Platforms

Not all platforms are created equal.  In order to continuously get engagement on your channels, you should be creating unique content for each platform.  For instance, your Facebook reach increases with original images, so instead of using automatically generated images from links, drop your high-quality image in each of your posts.  Your copy on Facebook will always be more text-heavy than on Instagram because the latter is all about photos.

Instagram is the absolute best place to use hashtags but your audience doesn’t want to read through a caption with #hashtags mashed #up between #every #word.  See what I mean?   Put your hashtags in a comment to separate your copy from tags.  


Spread your Content

Ever heard of social bookmarking sites?  Add them to your arsenal.  StumbleUpon and Reddit are examples of social bookmarking sites.  Posting to these sites is a great way to keep your blog posts alive. Your content will live far longer if you spread it out for the world to see. Hopefully, your audience will share it, if it’s quality.  


Stay Relevant

Pay attention to what your industry is doing online and keep your content relevant.  Do research and stay ahead of the curve.  In order to be seen as a resource and an industry influencer to your audience, you have to give them something they can use.  Your social media accounts should be filled with quality, compelling, and useful information based on who your audience is.  

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