How Pinterest Guided Search Can Help Your Business

May 2014
Photo credit: @shanaaudrey
Photo credit: @shanaaudrey

Since it came on the social media scene in 2010, Pinterest has been a powerful visual tool. It’s the place for “discovering good stuff, saving it for later or acquiring stuff right away,” according to the company blog.

Last week Pinterest took their goal of helping people find good stuff a step further with the introduction of Guided Search. How does Guided Search differ from regular searching on Pinterest? Guided Search helps you find things that are handpicked by people with similar pinning styles and interests.

Here is how it works and the benefits it has for your business:

Users find something great that they want to pin to a Pinterest board like the one we have with office décor ideas:

Pinterest Board










It’s no secret that we love collaborative workspaces, stylized desks and chevron print. However there are other elements of the office we probably haven’t even thought to explore. This is where Guided Search can help.

When pinners search for something, descriptive words will appear at the top of their screen:

Guided Search














People can use these words to help find what they are looking for or to discover a new idea. The beauty of Guided Search is that pinners could end up somewhere even better than they imagined. And for a business account, Guided Search can help your pins gain visibility with more people.

By making your pin description specific and compelling, your content is more likely to appear in search:

Pin Description


Be descriptive, but don’t overdo it on the keywords. Keyword heavy content that is not informational and engaging will rank lower rank in Guided Search.  Making this new search feature work for you can expose your content to pinners outside your normal audience. Strategize a bit, and you can reach more people in your target marketing demographic.

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