How Often Should You Perform a WordPress Backup?

Mar 2024
wordpress backup for website maintenance

Don’t wait for disaster to strike before prioritizing WordPress backups. Think of them as your website’s safety net, ready to catch you if anything unexpected happens. The question is, how often should you perform a WordPress backup to stay secure?

It’s more frequent than you may think. But with the right approach, backups become a simple part of your website maintenance routine.

KWSM’s design and development team believea in proactive protection. Our website management plans take the stress out of safeguarding your online presence. Keep reading to uncover the optimal backup strategy for your business.

How Often Should Backups Be Done?

The ideal WordPress backup frequency depends on how often you update your website. Here’s the golden rule: back up your WordPress site before making any major changes and at least once a week. For websites with daily updates or e-commerce sites, daily backups might be best.

A backup is a snapshot of your website in time. If something goes wrong, reverting to a recent snapshot will minimize the amount of data you’ll lose during the restoration process.

Why is a Backup Important In WordPress?

WordPress backups are your safety net against a range of threats:

  • Hacking Attempts: Websites are common targets for hackers. Backups allow you to quickly restore your site if it’s compromised, minimizing downtime and potential damage.
  • Update Errors: Sometimes, updates for WordPress, themes, or plugins can break your website. With a recent backup, you can easily restore your site to a working state.
  • Human Error: We all make mistakes. A backup is your insurance if you accidentally delete important content or break something on your site.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you have a backup gives you the confidence to experiment and update your site without fearing the consequences if something goes wrong.

“WordPress websites are constantly evolving with updates and content changes. Regular backups ensure I can always roll back to a safe version if something unexpected happens.”

Matthew Enser, Web Specialist, KWSM: a digital marketing agency

Does WordPress Do Automatic Backups?

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t have a built-in system for automatic backups. However, it does autosave drafts as you work. While this might save a few drafts of your posts or pages, it isn’t a true backup solution. These drafts don’t capture all of your website’s data, leaving you vulnerable to losing important elements like design customizations, images, customer data (for online stores), and more.

Don’t rely solely on your web hosting provider for backups, either. While some hosts offer basic backup options, they often lack the frequency or flexibility necessary for true protection. Investing in a dedicated WordPress backup plugin or partnering with a website management company that prioritizes backups provides the comprehensive security your online business deserves.

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Let KWSM Manage Your Site

WordPress backups are too important to leave to chance. KWSM’s website management plans prioritize data security, including regular backups and monitoring. This lets you focus on growing your business without worrying about potential website catastrophes.

Contact us today to discuss your backup needs and how we ensure your WordPress site is always protected, giving you the peace of mind to achieve online success.

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