Holiday Social Media Campaigns

Dec 2012

Many businesses begin to slow down for the holidays.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s all seem to be lumped together within a matter of weeks.  As many employees take extended holiday vacations, businesses seem to begin a general slow down period during these weeks.  Oftentimes you aren’t signing new clients, or you hear the most commonly used phrase of the holidays “talk to me after the new year.”  It seems all of the business that you try and generate gets pushed off until January 1st.

There are few things businesses tend to do during the holidays to combat this: they simply progress with their client slowdown and focus a majority of their time servicing their current accounts OR they use the extra time to work on their business.

The former is easy and the latter takes some dedication.  However when you spend more time working on your business, the more rewards you will eventually get.  You might ask how this has to do with social media? The answer is that during this holiday season, the time to put a little extra effort into your social media strategy is upon you.  In particular, it’s a great idea to use your extra time to document the behind the scenes aspect of your business.  Your fans and followers really care about what you are doing in your day to day operations as opposed to the final products you sell.  They want to feel connected with your business.  Holiday seasons are already emotional as it is, so give your audience a preview of your business from an angle they may not always get to see.

Show your loyal fans what your brand really stands for.  Take your social media strategy to the next level.  Most of all be creative.  You can start a holiday video series that answers customer questions or reaches out to your existing clients in a whole new way.  The point of video is to get in front of people on an almost real, face to face interaction.

Contests are also a great way to foster some engagement with your audience.  Give them something to do this holiday season where they can take pride and joy in participating.  Two notable holiday social media campaigns are Gap’s 12 Days of Joy and Starbucks Christmas Cup Magic App.  Each is designed  at keeping users engaged during the busy holiday season.

So instead of, “waiting until the first of the year” to take care of any unfinished business, use your social media campaign to make business come to you.  Be active, be creative, and spend some time this holiday season and giving your fans something more.

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