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Jul 2019

Instagram HighlightHighlights are a great way for followers (and potential followers) to get a glimpse of your brand personality. You can organize similar Instagram stories by topic or content type, where followers can view them long after they have expired from your story. Utilizing Instagram highlights is a great way to get more value from your Instagram stories and serve as an additional source of content.


How to add highlights to your Instagram page

You can add content to your Instagram story two ways. You can add directly from your live Instagram story with the highlight button on the bottom right of your story, or if you want to highlight content that has already expired from your story, you head over to your “archived posts” and highlight content from there. This is available via the three dashes on the upper right-hand part of your page. All Instagram stories are automatically stored here and available to add to your Instagram story.


What kinds of things to highlight

Cool things to highlight on your Instagram page depend on your brand. But you’ll want to add things that showcase your brand’s personality. For example, as a real estate agent, you may want to highlight current listings, happy clients, getting keys, and closing days. Utilize Instagram features that boost engagement, with things like polls, boomerangs, and other stickers you can get followers to actually engage with the content you post on your Instagram stories. Not all features are usable when highlighted, so be sure double check before adding to highlights. Highlights are a great place to permanently showcase content that may not translate as well on your Instagram grid.


Adding highlight cover

Adding a cover to your highlight can be a great way to keep your Instagram on brand even with stories. Instagram highlight covers are one of the first things people see when they visit your profile. So, they should be on brand and easily recognizable as your look and feel. Canva and Crello have great templates to choose from and can be a great starting point.


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