Google Analytics: Why It’s Important & LinkedIn Best Practices|Social Media Help Desk Episode 95

Mar 2020

A world without the web seems unfathomable in the year 2020. Whether it’s building business connections on social media platforms or promoting your products & services on a website, it’s crucial to understand how it all works together. In this episode of Social Media Help Desk, Assistant Project Manager Alexandra Hall, Content Editor Jessica Bramall and I discuss how to network on LinkedIn, why Google Analytics is such a powerful tool, and what’s new in the world of social media.

In The News (01:07-08:02)

LinkedIn is the latest social media network to jump on the “stories” train. I explain what you can expect from the more casual networking feature. Plus, Facebook teaches its artificial intelligence technology to create 3D photos, and Pinterest launches Pinterest Lite globally.


LinkedIn University (08:08-12:15)

We all know LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for your business when used correctly. Known as  “the world’s largest professional network,” LinkedIn is home to over 600 million users in more than 200 countries across the globe. But how do you build the perfect network, and what kind of content should you be posting? Jessica gives us a lesson on LinkedIn etiquette. 


Google Analytics 101 (12:28-24:06)

Each month at KWSM, we deliver Google Analytics reports to clients filled with data about their website. It gives us a glimpse into where their traffic is coming from, which pages are visited most often, and when they converted. Alexandra discusses what she learned when she took on our “Google Analytics Mentor Program” and why it’s so important for businesses to understand.


Did you know more than 300 million companies have profiles on LinkedIn?

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