GLMPS Can Help You with Short Mobile Video

Sep 2011

If you ever wondered what would happen if Instagram could take video, GLMPS is for you.

GLMPS takes a five second video, and ends the video with a photo of the last frame in the lower right hand corner.  What makes this app really special is that it then automatically uploads it to Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, email, SMS or Tumblr.  There is no need to connect it to a computer with a cable, it sends it automatically.  Every video that is sent also has its own embed code, so it can be used just like a YouTube video.

Sending it out automatically may seem like a minor thing, but look at your camera and count the number of video clips.   Personally I have dozens of video clips on my camera and about ten on my smartphone.  Granted, all of those clips are longer than five seconds, so GLMPS isn’t a magic bullet for everybody.

Five seconds of video can go a long way though.  From the cute baby cooing, kittens playing, a quick “I Love you” and a sunset on the beach-all you’re missing is the Hallmark card.

  • If you have an animal shelter GLMPS is an excellent way to post a short bio of the animal
  • A quick hello to encourage people to check out a daily special at their business
  • At a networking event to show you and others
  • A video post it note that you can use in the future as a reminder

The downside to GLMPS is that you can only use it if you have an iPhone.  However, it is free, updated often, has good customer support and you don’t need to create an account with them.  All you need to do once you download the app is to sign in with Facebook or Twitter and you’re all set to start sharing your life five seconds at a time.

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