Finding Quality Articles to Share on Social Media

May 2014

Finding-Quality-Articles-to-Share-on-Social-MediaAnytime you can share information about your industry to your followers freely, the easier it becomes to develop your credibility as a business.

While showcasing your original branded content is always a good idea, (such as weekly blogs or videos) sharing articles from credible websites or news sources that educate your audience about your industry is also wise. All of this helps to tell the story of your individual business and of the greater industry you work in.

For example, if you are a personal injury attorney, you may want to look for articles on safety tips that you can share. Real estate agents may want to post articles that relate to home decorating or home renovation tips.

To find articles that are relevant to share on your social media channels, you can always browse the top news sites and scan for articles that would be appropriate, but there are more efficient ways to achieve this that can save you a lot of time.

Google alerts

Setting a few Google alerts with keywords or phrases that relate to your industry are always helpful to have. If you’re worried about being bombarded with several more emails each day, you can always set your Google alerts to be sent once a week instead of daily, or as the information is published on the Internet. Your alerts will include links to articles that relate to your keyword and/or phrase of choice.

If you are going to have only one Google alert, it should be the name of your business. It will be helpful to know what is being said publicly about your company on a frequent basis. Setting up Google alerts is fairly straightforward. You can visit to set up your alerts.

LinkedIn pulse

If you haven’t set up your LinkedIn Pulse yet, you are in for a treat! This news aggregator source is excellent for finding articles that relate to your business and/or industry. Simply log into your LinkedIn account, click on ‘Interests’ and then ‘Pulse.’

Once you make it that far, you can choose which influencers (high profile people in various fields), channels, (different news topics that are of interest to you) and publishers (your preferred news sources) that you’d like to follow. Similar to Google alerts, you can choose to receive an email digest with posts from your preferred influencers, channels, and publishers, or you can regularly check your Pulse on LinkedIn and read through articles there.

Facebook or Twitter feed

Do you follow other pages or Twitter accounts in your target demographic or industry? If so, you’re likely to find great articles to share on your channels as you browse through your newsfeed daily. Create a system that works for you in regards to saving and sharing these articles. You can always bookmark them, or create a running document with the links.

Remember, the more you can find ways to educate your audience using social media, the more positive of a perception they will have of your business.

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