Facebook Restricted Messenger Access, YouTube is Helping with Copyright Claims, While Twitter Talks About Improved Topics and Lists.

Jan 2020

In the news this week, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are trying to get their users more familiar with their platforms. Learn what actions they have taken this 2020.

Facebook Adds Restrictions to Facebook Messenger 

Until recently, if you wanted access to Facebook Messenger, all you would need is a phone number to sign up. However, Facebook has now made it a requirement to create a Facebook account before being granted access to Facebook Messenger. Don’t worry; if you already have a Facebook Messenger account, you don’t need to create an account. This only applies to new users wanting to sign up.

Facebook Messenger isn’t just a fun chat tool.  It is an important platform for businesses to connect with their customers or potential partners.  More people are using the message feature to connect with brands. Some are enabling the auto-responder on their Facebook pages.  

How are you using it?

YouTube Helps Users with Copyright Claims

YouTube created an easier way to solve copyright claims in YouTube studio. You will now be able to see which videos were removed, who sent the copyright takedown notice, and options for how you can resolve the action. In addition, the platform is providing access to specific descriptions of the copyrighted work given by the claimant in the takedown notice.

Twitter Talks About Improved Lists and Topics

In order to better engage its users, Twitter is taking the initiative to personalize the user experience on its platform. The platform plans on doing so by improving the process of finding relevant topics that you care about while making it simpler to find and use. Once your interests are refined, you would then be served recommendations for what additional hashtags to follow. 

Twitter also is working on providing preview elements on topic listings, which would display related hashtags and follower counts of a topic to stay up with the trends and know how much traffic it will get before following. In addition to preview elements, Twitter added the ability to create your own List Headers in order for users to be able to find the lists they need with ease.


500 million tweets are sent out per day. 

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