Facebook Launches Mobile Ad Network

May 2014

The world of social media is always renewing itself in some way or another. With frequent updates and resurfacing content, it can be hard to keep up with on a daily basis. It’s important to stay informed of the current issues and trends so that your social media presence stays relevant. Using social media is one thing, but using it well is the key to online success.  Stay updated and stay informed with the latest social media news!


Facebook Audience NetworkFacebook launched its mobile ad network earlier this week. Facebook Audience Network will allow developers to generate income without having to sell their own ads, do targeting and handle measurement. Facebook will create ads that feel natural to the user experience. Find more about the mobile ad network.

Vine Search Feature Vine videos will now be accessible without having a user account. The mobile-based video-sharing app has launched an online search feature. Visitors to the web version can search for and view short looping videos without having to log in. Learn more about this product feature.


LinkedIn RevenueLinkedIn revenue is up 46%. The professional social media network reported earnings of more than $473 million in the first quarter. LinkedIn generates income from talent solutions, marketing, and premium subscriptions. Read more about the LinkedIn revenue outlook for 2014.


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