Facebook Clamps Down and Instagram Loosens Things Up

Feb 2018

Facebook tightens the reigns on ads, but it is loosening things up on its Instagram platform. These are two of the social media stories making the news this week.

Instagram is finally caving in by allowing businesses to schedule posts. It allows the business to create a more precise online marketing strategy. Share on X

New Facebook Ad Rules Focusing on Eliminating Fraud and Scams

Facebook wants to clean up the advertising practices on its platform. To improve user relevance and remove any aspect of fraud, Facebook has always required advertisers to agree to a compliance statement when the business advertises in an area that may involve perceived discrimination. For instance, an apartment complex that is looking for new tenants would have to agree with a compliance statement and that they would not discriminate against new, potential residents. In the wake of ads used by Russia during the Presidential Election that were trying to dissuade voters, Facebook is now taking a preventative approach and banning categories such as cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings. The appeals process is an easy one, and advertisers who feel that Facebook was too heavy-handed in their review process can usually have a decision returned to them within a business day.Photo Credit: Instagram / meganemmonsphotography

New Snapchat Feature Allows Avatar Customization

Snapchat’s new feature, Bitmoji Deluxe, is allowing full avatar customization by adding hundreds of options including facial features, eye and hair color, hairstyles, and skin tone. The customization process begins by taking a selfie, and that is used in the avatar builder as a reference when customizing your design.   This is the fourth product in the Bitmoji series with the previous products being: Friendmoji stickers, 3D Bitmoji World Lenses, and Bitmoji geofilters.

Instagram Introduces Post Scheduler for Businesses

Did you miss the announcement? Instagram is finally caving in. For years, the platform had withheld the ability to schedule posts, but now, it’s allowing the practice. Scheduling posts allow the business to create a more precise online marketing strategy and replace those moments where a user has to scramble to post something under a deadline and potentially make a mistake.

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