Facebook and Instagram Fight Bullying While YouTube Promotes Accountability

Oct 2019

fightThis week, Facebook and Instagram take small steps to make big changes while YouTube trusts users to censor content themselves.

Facebook Hides Like Count

In early September, there were rumors that Facebook may start hiding the like count to make users feel more comfortable. As of September 30th, the social media giant has begun to test this feature in Australia! While we initially assumed Facebook would simply remove the like count, it is now confirmed that the change will be even more comprehensive. Facebook will also strip the audience’s ability to see reactions and video views, but the creator will still have access to these numbers. Facebook announced that they will gather feedback to determine how these changes affect the overall user experience. As for now, it is still a waiting game to see if this will be released worldwide.


Instagram Takes Action Against Bullying

While Facebook is making changes to hopefully make users feel more comfortable, Instagram is taking a similar approach to stop bullying. The image and video sharing platform has put out a new feature called “Restrict,” which allows users to limit comments on Instagram posts. If you do not like a comment left on your post, you can use this feature to block anyone (including yourself) from seeing the comment. The restrict comment will not be deleted, however, and will still be visible to the author. This new feature is an incredibly powerful tool that gives control back to victims of cyber-bullying.  


YouTube Gives the Power to the People

Are you struggling to monetize your YouTube videos? It is well known that videos can be demonetized for profanity and controversial or copywritten content, but some users have complained that their acceptable content has been unfairly targeted. Recently, YouTube announced it will be testing a new program that allows users to flag their own content. Creators would decide which content should be monetized and which should not. With this program, YouTube gives control back to the users while holding them accountable for their actions. Those who abuse this trust will not be allowed to continue using the feature. If testing goes well, this could bring frustrated creators back while making the platform safer for everyone.


About 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. 

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