Facebook Will Add Call to Action Buttons

Dec 2014
Photo credit: @mandacain89
Photo credit: @mandacain89

The world of social media is always renewing itself in some way or another. With frequent updates and resurfacing content, it can be hard to keep up with on a daily basis. It’s important to stay informed of the current issues and trends so that your social media presence stays relevant. Using social media is one thing, but using it well is the key to online success.  Stay updated with the latest social media news!



Following a slew of new tools for publishers yesterday, Facebook has announced seven “call to action” buttons for Pages. Admins can now select one of seven buttons, which use verbs to attempt to get user conversion and appear on top of the cover photo. The options are: Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch Video. Call to action is rolling out over the next few weeks in the US and worldwide in 2015.

On Vine, users scrolling through their feeds can now simply double-tap a video to like it directly, saving tapping on those pesky buttons. Once you’ve liked a Vine, a smiley face appears where you double tapped. This reflects one of the most common complaints about the site, and appears to be the only change included in this update.

After an announcement that it would begin tracking users’ app installs almost two weeks ago, Twitter has begun to allow advertisers to use that data to target users more directly and reach the most valuable audiences. However, the functionality is a little more in depth than originally anticipated,  For example, in addition to app installs, marketers can look at which apps a user has registered or made purchases within.

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