Don't Be Discouraged!

Jul 2012

keep calm and carry on, katie wagner social media, twitter for businessIf there’s one piece of advice that I could give business owners regarding social media, it is to not be discouraged. When you first start your business, chances are people aren’t busting down your doors and begging for your product or service. Customers and sales trickle in slowly, then gain momentum after time.  This is the same with social media; when you first start your page, no matter how much work you put into it, the fans aren’t going to skyrocket immediately (unless you are resorting to buying your fans, of course, which we highly advise against).

What I noticed with a lot of people is that when they first start their Facebook pages, their initial excitement can wane off pretty quickly once they realize that garnering  fans and eliciting engagement isn’t as easy as they think it is. While this is normal behavior pattern (something that I have accepted working in the social media industry), it  flusters me because most people don’t understand that this is normal, which then discourages them from putting more effort into their social media.

So as a business owner, how do you prevent yourself from burning out, social media-wise? When you first launch your social media, take it slowly. Being excited is good, but remember to also maintain reasonable expectations.  Try reworking your goals into more realistic ones? If you want 500 fans in one week, it’s probably not going to happen, but how about working towards getting your fans increasing and on continuous upward trend, no matter the metric? Now that’s doable.

Start your social media at a humble pace; you don’t want to overwhelm neither yourself, nor your audience, by posting too much throughout the day.  Also, don’t be too sales-y or self-promotional. We understand that you want your social media to be about you, but in reality, it’s about the community that you are creating and engaging.

Success on social media takes time. Remember that, and be patient!







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