Does my B2B Business Need a Blog?

Apr 2022

Blogging is no longer an exclusive tool for niche industries or influencers. In today’s landscape, blogs are a staple in the best digital marketing strategies for any B2B business. Blogs help companies exercise their expertise, connect with audiences, and provide an avenue to showcase the people behind the logo. Does your B2B business have a blog? Here are the benefits you could be missing out on.

Increased Web Traffic for Your B2B Business

Over 77% of internet users read blogs regularly. If your business is not blogging, you are missing out on a significant amount of consumers and potential customers. Blogging regularly helps to create content that users are looking for and will in turn bring them to your website to learn more. Optimizing your content for SEO by using top keywords and phrases will help organically push your blog content to the top of Google searches and help you beat out the competition without spending a dime on ads. Once these users are on your website, be sure to include helpful links inside your blogs to keep them moving through your content and eventually reach out to you for your services. 

Thought Leadership Opportunities

Do you want to be a staple in your industry? Write blog content weekly on your website that showcases your knowledge and expertise. Comment on trends, industry conversations, or news in your blogs. This type of writing helps to establish the credibility of your brand and yourself. Consumers will have more confidence in your expertise and your services. Other brands will look to you as the go-to sources for industry insights and you will be able to build a strong reputation.  

Visible Customer Testimonials

Consumers need reviews. Many prospective customers are wary of making a purchase without first hearing from other real customers. Your blog is the perfect avenue for displaying these testimonials. In your content, include quotes from your customers, photos of your products and services in action, and, if possible, video testimonials. Remember, these pieces don’t only have to live on your blog. Each of these quotes, stories, and videos can also be repurposed for your social channels as well. This will help all of your audience see the reliability of your business and be more likely to choose you over the competition.

Education for Prospects

Whether you’re posting a success story or a new product release, each blog you write is an opportunity to educate your audience and engage with new prospects. These blogs provide insight into common problems in your industry that both new and existing customers may be experiencing. Consider breaking down each of your blogs to identify one of these challenges and provide education and solutions for the buyers reading your article. As a result, they will look to you as the main resource for resolving any of the struggles they are facing and choose your products and services first.

Content marketing strategies like blogging are essential for B2B businesses. Blogs build website traffic, authority in your industry, and build a connection with your audience. 

megaphoneBusinesses using blogs get 67% more leads.

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