DIY Social Media Content for Small Businesses – 3 Tips for Creating High-Quality Content From Home

Oct 2020

DIY Social Media Content for Small Businesses - 3 Tips for Creating High-Quality Content From HomeMany small businesses struggle when it comes to creating high-quality social media content. Visuals are important, and gathering enough photos and videos can be difficult for business owners. 

But you can create DIY social media content that properly represents your company online. After all, nobody knows the brand and its goals better than you do. Often the biggest challenge is time, limiting the quantity and quality of the results. Read KWSM’s top 3 tips for creating high-quality social media content below to learn how to make the most of your limited time. 


Natural Lighting is Everything

Something many people forget about when setting up a photoshoot is lighting. Most small business owners don’t have professional photography or videography setups with expensive lighting fixtures, making natural light your best friend. Taking advantage of bright, natural light creates a sharper and more professional-looking final result. 

The most important thing to consider regarding lighting is planning in advance. Rather than jumping straight into a shoot, it’s best to first analyze how light comes into your space throughout the day and determine the optimal window of time for a shoot. After determining the best placement and timing for natural lighting, it is much easier to create high-quality content in an efficient, timely shoot. 

Carefully Plan in Advance

While small business owners are busy, it’s important to take your time with a photo or video shoot to set yourself up for the best results. Planning in advance will make for a more efficient process and minimize the chance of in-the-moment mistakes.  As mentioned above, optimizing natural lighting is the first step to a successful at-home photoshoot.

Once you start shooting, it’s important to take your time and create more content than you think you’ll need. A common mistake is taking too few photos, and packing everything up early. In reality, there’s a good chance you’ll notice some shadows or blur later-on that will have you wishing you had just a few more shots or slightly different angles. While it takes time to create this library of content, you will thank yourself later for the multitude of options. 

Editing is Necessary

Another key mistake business owners make is thinking that editing is too complicated or unnecessary. You don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to edit your photos, in reality, a few quick, simple edits, even on your smartphone, can make a world of difference. 

Simple edits to elements like brightness, vibrance, and tint can transform amateur content into professional, high-quality assets.  If you’re stuck on what changes to make, check out a free YouTube tutorial to learn about the most common and effective techniques.  It only takes a matter of minutes to apply these simple edits and the more you practice, the more you will master the art of simple editing. Once you get the hang of things, just be careful not to go overboard with too much editing, this can come off as unnatural or artificial.

In conclusion, it’s possible to create high-quality social media content from home. It’s all about carefully planning to maximize your time and improve your results. 

DIY Social Media Content for Small Businesses - 3 Tips for Creating High-Quality Content From Home96%  of small business owners report using social media content to promote their products or services. 

If managing your own social media is becoming too much of a time commitment, it might be time to seek some outside help. KWSM’s team of digital marketers understands the power of social content and is ready to help.

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