Digital Therapy: How Social Media is Reviving Customer Service

May 2017

How Social Media is Reviving Customer ServiceYou may not have a couch in your office, but with today’s digitally driven, modernized, instant gratification mindset you may need to play therapist for your clients and customers more than you’d like! Whether you like it or not, social media is the new counselor in town. Taking to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to complain is easy, convenient, free, and best of all – there’s always somebody there to listen! The great news is that being responsive and compassionate can win your audience over. There’s no need for electro-shock; we’ve got the digital diagnosis to help your business become a customer service counselor on social media:

Human Connection

Sure, automation is taking over. But nothing beats the human element. The standard practice for resolving an issue used to be sitting on the phone, sometimes waiting on hold for an hour. Consumers are ditching the robot-like call centers and instead hitting up social media for customer service that results in more human-like engagement. Customers want to feel valued and have their concerns heard and acted upon, and social media allows that.


Who wants to argue with an angry customer? Customers who complain or share a negative review on social media expect on-demand responses. Earn points with followers by responding positively and professionally to negative feedback as quickly as possible – within a few hours. Your brand, and hopefully your customers, will thank you.

Brand Mentions

Don’t miss an opportunity to hear what customers are saying about you. Free tools like Social Mention search user-generated content such comments on videos, blogs and social media posts. Tune in to see if customers are singing your praises or airing their grievances, and respond to positive and negative comments.


Engagement goes beyond connecting with customers when they are complaining. Position your business above your competition by replying to good and bad comments, highlighting customers and liking and sharing their posts to cultivate brand trust and prevent future complaints.


Playing virtual therapist isn’t easy, but by doing so you will gain more insights into your business and build customer loyalty by trying to remedy their troubles. Trying to find the right customer service cure for your social media fans? Reading our blog is great medicine!



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