Creating Content To Engage Millennials

Jun 2014
Photo credit: @marylatham
Photo credit: @marylatham

If your business’ target audience includes Millennials, you aren’t alone.

This large and powerful demographic is a coveted one. Millennials are the generation following Generation X, with birth dates ranging from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.

Wondering why this generation is so important?

A recent study found:

  • They will total more than $1.4 trillion in spending power in the U.S. by 2020.
  • They are the first generation to be open to receiving ads, engaging with them and sharing them.
  • 45% of Millennials don’t usually find content marketing compelling enough to share.

In order to connect with this generation, businesses need to create content that is innovative and compelling.  Here are the three content strategies for engaging Millennials on social media:


Take Them Behind The Scenes

Millennials like transparency. They want to see it all, from your office décor to photos of your executive team at a conference. They’re more likely to trust a business that appeals to their inquisitive tendencies. Sharing throwback photos of the business owners when they first started out, or a photo of your first office space, will appeal to this generation. Showcase your people at industry events and inside the office. You may think that snapping a photo of an office filled with birthday balloons won’t be appealing, but Millennials eat this type of content up.


Educate Them

More than 75% of Millennials want to be educated on topics and businesses that interest them. Engaging with content builds their knowledge base and helps them be more successful. As a business leader, you have valuable insider’s information that they are anxious to learn.

Create content that highlights your expertise. Writing original blog posts that show how to do something or explain a concept unique to your industry will appeal to this generation. In addition, sharing content from well-known experts and news media will also draw their attention and foster creditability.


Help Them Escape

The Millennial generation is the generation most concerned with work-life balance. They want to be able to have it all. They want to work hard and be successful, but also escape and relax frequently. They often turn to social media as an escape from their everyday lives. They are looking for content that can take them away and entertain them.

Depending on the nature of your business, sharing content that will allow them to do this is important. While the primary focus of your content is on your business, finding highly visual content that creates a moment of escape will appeal to this cohort.  Look to share content like inspirational videos or photos from company outings. When working on your content calendar, find days and times of day that you would be willing to divert from the business focused content.

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