Creating a Summer Marketing Strategy for Your Orange County Business

May 2020

With summer right around the corner, it’s a great opportunity to brainstorm a fresh marketing strategy for your Orange County business. As nonessential businesses begin to reopen and customers start venturing outside again in the beautiful OC weather, you’ll want to plan ways to put your business in front of your target audience. Here are some tips to help you create a successful summer strategy: 


Summer Sales

Summer sales are a great way to drive traffic and allow your audience to try your product or service at a discounted price. New buyers can experience what your company has to offer and may be more likely to become a returning customer. Product discounts, “buy one, get one” offers, membership buy-in discounts, and “free gift with purchase” options are all great ways to encourage sales! 


Summer Contests

Holding a contest is another way to help engage your audience. You can request your followers to create a video sharing unique ways they use your product or simply ask them to write the best caption for a photo on social media. You could hold a raffle, bake-off, or a drawing/writing contest; the options are endless! Your winners could receive prizes such as gift cards, free products, or discounts on your services. With this approach, you are not only encouraging others to engage with your content, but they are also generating content themselves that you can utilize as easy advertising. 


Summer Partnerships

Partnering with another company or working with social media influencers are other great ways to advertise your products/services. You can combine promotions with other companies that have similar interests to potentially increase your marketing efforts. Social media influencers can review and promote your products or services, which is another way to utilize user-generated content. You can find influencers local to Orange County or utilize those in other areas if you’re looking to expand your business outside of OC. 


You can initiate these strategies on your social media channels, on your blog, on your website, with digital advertising, and by sending out e-blasts. Creating graphics using your logo and company colors can also help present your promotions in a way that looks professional and well thought out. 


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