Clean-Up And Sharpen Your Social Media Act

Mar 2016
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It is easy to get comfortable and fall into a routine when posting daily content for your business online. But sticking to your same schedule month after month may prevent you from integrating new material. What happens next? The growth of followers and engagement you’ve come to expect, beings to plateau.

Your social media strategy has officially entered a sophomore slump and as a business owner you need to reassess your plan going forward.

This happens to many successful companies. Social media is an evolution and operating a business is all-consuming. So aspects like social media can easily be pushed to the wayside without anyone even noticing. Take time to assess your current social media strategy – what is working and what do you need to reinvigorate?


This is the most used channel and the majority of businesses use this platform to connect, interact and grow an audience. It is also one of the easiest channels to neglect in terms of refreshing your content on a regular basis. Posting daily motivational quotes and links to news articles takes about 30 seconds but if it isn’t leaving a lasting impression on your audience then followers will start to drift away slowly.

Get personal: post photos of your employees working away or at a team meeting. Reveal personal insight into your company to make it more attractive and familiar to your followers.


Videos are quickly becoming the best way to engage an audience. Short 40-60 second clips that tell a unique story can capture people and leave them curious about your company. But if you neglect this channel or re-post the same videos because you are limited on time then people will lose interest. On your lunch break or in between client calls, use your Iphone to do a “man on the street” type of interview with your colleagues – without warning, ask them a question about their day or what they are working on. Ask one simple, intriguing question, download it to your computer and post. People love being able to connect to a company with their emotions first.


This channel can occasionally be overlooked because it is directed to a more professional audience. But just because it is a more serious channel doesn’t mean you don’t need to interact as much. LinkedIn is a key platform to engage constantly with other business professionals; it is not just a resume-boosting platform. When you have a few minutes, make new connections with other company executives and join groups. Go on pulse and read any articles written by colleagues and engage. The more active you are on LinkedIn the better your company’s chances are of showing up higher in the search engine.

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