Choosing The Best Social Media Part 3

Oct 2012

Having already looked at 4 of the top 8 social media channels hopefully it has become evident that a social media strategy is entirely based on the goals of your company.  There is not a right or wrong channel nor is there a right or wrong strategy.  It boils down to your goals as a company, the message your company is trying to send then funneling that into a social media channel that best supports those values.  Two well known channels that businesses are looking towards are YouTube and LinkedIn.  Each offers a totally different set of caveats to help develop your online presence.


Don’t be fooled by the funny cat videos on YouTube.  This channel can be a valuable asset in a brand’s social media marketing campaign.  Many brands want or need to encompass a visual media in their strategies, and going further, many brands that don’t currently do this should.  So much content is uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis that many people (your audience) are beginning to turn to YouTube to learn anything from DIY projects to financial advice.  With YouTube’s easy video editing software (which is built into the site) virtually anyone can upload a video from virtually anywhere.  Most smart phones have the capability of shooting video and surprisingly they produce good quality shots. YouTube is great for showing your audience a visual side to your company, offering more explanation than a picture or graphic. It gives you the ability to reach out to your audience with a very personal touch.  Your audience can see and hear you talk which begins to develop a personal connection.  All the more reason they will feel more comfortable in dealing with your company down the road. One thing to consider is that your videos won’t go viral every time, in fact they may never reach 12 million views but that is not the only indication they’re helping.  YouTube is one of the most versatile platforms providing almost any business the opportunity to share video based content.


LinkedIn has always maintained the perception of professionalism on social media. It’s long been known as a place to find a job – an online resume depot.  However businesses and brands can still utilize the functions within LinkedIn to accelerate their online presence.  Members of the company can create profiles and participate in Q&A forums by providing feedback and insight to industry related topics.  This will give consumers the ability to network and interact with the faces inside the business.  This is particularly good for smaller sized companies. The CEO or President can participate and engage with consumers.  In addition businesses can create what is called a company profile.  When these profiles are filled out with 100% completeness, consumers can actually search by size, industry and geography.  A complete profile will show up more often and higher in these searches. LinkedIn is perfect for small businesses, owners and anyone who wants to direct their social media in a professional manner.  This is channel is more for networking and education as opposed to creating community engagement like on Facebook.

For the finale of the 4 part series on how to go about choosing the best social media for your business, join us on 10/8/12!

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