Chess, Not Checkers: How to Network Better on Linkedin

May 2022

Linkedin is a social networking platform that can be effective to businesses wanting to reach long term goalsBest Networking Strategies on Linkedin For Businesses such as lead generation, brand awareness, and engagement. Let’s discuss how to network with impact to reach your business goals. 


Stay on the Radar 

Once your business has researched the right audience of those that seem beneficial to the business and you connect with them, the networking process is just beginning. It is more effective to engage with the individual’s Linkedin profile first through liking their content, and then extending the connection request. The engagement period should be a few days to a week before requesting to connect. The individual is more likely to accept the request because they can sense genuine interest. After the connection is made, you should stay in contact with them through direct messages, liking and commenting under their posts, and joining similar professional groups Linkedin offers. 


Grow Your Email Marketing List      

One way to stay relevant to your connections is to add them to your email marketing list. This approach can be used as a follow up immediately after the connection on Linkedin. It is important to keep the message personalized, tell them what they will gain by joining the email list, and offer to join something of theirs so the invitation is mutual. This networking tactic extends further than Linkedin, because the individual is now involved in other industry news and business updates, which is a double win for your Linkedin profile and business! 

Chess Not Checkers  

Networking on Linkedin is not as quick and easy as it may seem. You must research the targeted audience, engage with those individuals’ profile before connecting, and stay in contact with them for future leads – direct message and/or email marketing requests. Businesses wanting to reach long term goals of lead generation, brand awareness, and engagement should network using these strategies for meaningful outcomes. 


80% of professionals consider networking important, but ⅓ of those professionals struggle with what to say when reconnecting. 

red megaphone / bullhornThe KWSM team can carefully craft a personalized networking strategy via Linkedin to meet your business objectives. 

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