Case Study: How a Website Redesign Launched a New Brand

Apr 2021

Despite sometimes overwhelming odds, many business owners thrived last year. San Diego Family Mediation and Orange County Family Mediation were two of those businesses that experienced positive transformation in 2020. Although they were already sister companies, they were only able to serve small segments of their California clients separately. Together, however, they would gain the ability to provide services to anyone in Southern California. To achieve this goal, the businesses decided it was time to combine forces and reemerge under a new brand—West Coast Family Mediation Center. 

Although the idea was simple and the potential benefits were clear, several strategic moves had to be made before they could officially launch their new brand in 2021. Our team at KWSM took on the challenge of combining content from two separate websites for two different companies and completing a full website redesign for their new identity.

The Art of Combining Domains

These two businesses had produced hundreds of pieces of content and successfully established healthy SEO and website ranking. However, their sites lived on separate domains. Our goal was to ensure they could still see the fruits of this labor on their new company website. To accomplish this, we first redirected their current website urls to their new company name domain. We did this prior to making their new site live in order to preserve all of their well-established SEO and give Google a chance to reindex the site properly.

A Website Redesign

website redesign before and after

The next step in blending these two companies was to create a center point for all of their marketing that included all of their services and reflected their new branding. Our client was looking for a warmer, more welcoming website experience that helped users effortlessly move through the site. 

To achieve this “happy path,”, we restructured the sitemap and designed the services dropdown menu to make all services visible at a glance. We also included featured blogs on nearly every page of the site that aligned with specific service topics so that visitors could dive deeper into a subject that piqued their interest. 

In order to create a more personal experience, we replaced stock photos with real photos of the team members and added images of their local office throughout the entire site. Additionally, we created individual team member bio pages so site visitors could see all of the faces behind this powerful brand.

The Results

KWSM Case Study- redesign mobile and desktop

As a result of these efforts, West Coast Family Mediation Center was able to achieve its dream of launching its new business and helping even more families in California.


“The whole team we worked with at KWSM was wonderful to work with! Redoing our website took less time than we would of expected and we always felt that we were a top priority for them. They were incredibly organized, on time and kept communicating with us regularly.  Anytime we had questions, someone was available to answer them and take care of anything that needed to be done quickly. We were so happy with the final website and now that we’re on the other side of it they are still providing the same great service as they did before. I would highly recommend working with them!”

Amanda Singer, Esq., MDR, CDFA™West Coast Family Mediation


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