Building A Strong LinkedIn Network

Jan 2016


Photo credit: @nettles003
Photo credit: @nettles003

LinkedIn can give you access and exposure to leaders in your field, generate more contacts, and get you in front of recruiters as a jobseeker. However, before any of that happens you need to make sure your LinkedIn profile is ready to work for you.

Once you’ve completely filled out your profile you are ready to get the most out of your LinkedIn account. Here are some steps that will help you maximize your professional network.


LinkedIn makes it easy for you to import your contacts from various email platforms and send those contacts an invitation to connect with you. While this is easy and convenient, it is important to be sure you’re filtering those email addresses to make sure they’re business contacts.

You can also connect with other LinkedIn users by searching for their name, their title, or their company. This allows you to connect with people in your field and people you’d like to connect with for future opportunities.


LinkedIn groups are a great way to network and make new connections. Groups are easily searchable by title or topic at the top of your profile page. Once you’ve joined a few groups you are indirectly connected with its members, which makes it easier to connect through an invitation.

It is important to show discretion when adding connections to your network. You want to be sure the people you add bring value to your profile and you should seek like-minded professionals to network with.


Growing your network doesn’t happen naturally, it takes some nurturing on your part. Think of it as a checklist.

Publishing long form content related to your area of expertise to spark engagement is a great way to grow your network.. Doing this consistently grows your network and works to give you a higher ranking when users search for your specialties.

There are several places to share content on LinkedIn: your newsfeed, your groups, and on the LinkedIn Pulse, which is LinkedIn’s built in blogging site. Sharing content allows you to engage people both in and out of your network. Your network will have little value if you aren’t actively interacting with its members.


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