Brand Journalism: Finding the Heart of Your Business’s Story

Jun 2022

Narrative journalism is becoming an increasingly more popular and important form of storytelling, and many brands are incorporating journalistic stylings into their marketing strategies. Brand journalism stands in that gap, providing both internal teams and external customers with social, emotional, and practical insights into a business’s brand.

What Is the Difference Between Brand Journalism and Content Marketing?

Both content marketing and brand journalism are storytelling tools. Content marketing is typically highly strategic with the purpose of obtaining tangible ROIs. Brand journalism may have less tangible ROIs, but features content that is immediately relevant, more human and, ultimately, better at connecting with an audience.

This is not to say that brand journalism is not highly informational. The difference between content marketing and brand journalism often lies in its reach — content marketing seeks generation from invested industry experts, brand journalism seeks new audiences.

What Is Brand Journalism Used For?

Articulating Brand Voice

Brand journalism creates space for brands to create a distinct and active brand voice in the spaces where they are the most relevant, about the topics where they have the most influence.

Establishing a Business as a Thought Leader

Brands have an opportunity to create their own journalism, and oftentimes their own publication, rather than seeking it out from external news sources. An active presence establishes credibility not only in the industry specific space, but in the cultural space.

Addressing Relevant News and Pain Points

Customers are more likely to trust a brand that has its boots on the ground, addressing the issues that are prominent to them.

Where to Begin Creating Brand Journalism Content

Find the Right Stories

The first step to successful brand journalism is finding the right people: the right storytellers and the right stories. Relevant stories should match your brand voice and your customers’ pain points.

Ask Insightful Questions

Content creators should take an invested interest in the topics they cover so they ask insightful and relevant questions. Actively pay attention to the changing industry, and be willing to learn from industries that are tangentially related.

Avoid Sounding Too Promotional

Unlike content marketing, where lead generation or sales is the goal, brand journalism aims to be thoughtful or emotional. Tell stories about people and avoid promotional language.

Let Stories Speak for Themselves

The stories you find might surprise you. Avoid approaching a story with an agenda about a specific outcome, and instead let the story unfold naturally.


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