How A Brand Journalism Case Study Approach Drives Leads

Jun 2023

A brand journalist working for a client, a shining example of the benefits that this brand journalism case study illustrates.

To generate leads, you must generate interest, which is easier said than done. 

One of the best ways to create interest is through a content marketing strategy known as brand journalism. Brand journalism is an approach that incorporates characteristics of traditional news media to align content with the customer’s experience while maintaining objectivity and integrity, emphasizing creating a brand identity. 

In this blog we will look at a brand journalism case study that exemplifies all of this and more. This approach revolves around telling a compelling story and giving a voice to the people behind the brand. As a result, it creates more compelling content, cultivates brand affinity and awareness, and establishes your company as an industry authority. 

At KWSM, we have assisted hundreds of companies in telling their unique stories for over 13 years. I have worked as a copywriter for 6 years and can attest to the persuasive edge this approach provides organizations. Read the case study below to discover how we have employed this tactic to drive leads for a law firm.

A Brand Journalism Case Study: Driving Leads

Brand journalism is an excellent way to drive high-value leads by appealing to customers’ pain points and creating a deeper connection between companies and their audiences. 

In this brand journalism case study, I have leveraged this marketing strategy for a trust litigation law firm. This firm came to KWSM with the express goal of obtaining more leads. 

Brand journalism emphasizes that a company’s story is more than its services. It highlights the people behind the brand, their successes, and the people they have helped. Through engaging copy that exemplifies industry expertise, I was able to establish credibility for this client.

But you can’t you tell a story if you do not know it. The only way to obtain this information was by interviewing the attorneys at the firm, which turned their content into a valuable resource for clients.  

“Unlike traditional marketing which focuses on the direct promotion of products or services, brand journalism is about creating valuable content for the audience. By providing high-quality, informative content that helps establish the brand as a thought leader in its industry we create a stronger connection with the reader, which can ultimately lead to increased loyalty and conversions.” – Greg Colacino, Director of Content, KWSM.

I had extensive client interviews with the law firm’s team about the cases they have worked on. During these conversations, they provided their expert insights into relevant news stories, trends, and what sets them apart in their niche industry.

Using the information I culled from these interviews, I wrote 2 articles weekly from their perspective that aligned their core values, identity, and real-life litigation experiences. 

A notable moment in my time working with them occurred when we posted a third-party article on their LinkedIn, coupled with the seasoned opinions of one of their partners. This partner disagreed with what the article stated.

The article claimed that workers were losing more workers comp cases during the pandemic because of remote proceedings. But my client argued that workers were winning more cases based on her recent litigation experience. 

Because we were able to include her expert opinion and insights, the post drove great engagement, traffic, and impressions, reaching thousands of attorneys. This post cemented the attorney as an authority and began a conversation, with other attorneys agreeing or disagreeing.

“We saw an influx of engagement from all over the country. Other attorneys were commenting to share their experiences that mirrored what our client was seeing, while others commented to say they disagreed. The post was reaching audiences we would have otherwise been challenged to connect with.”

Taylor David, Director of Accounts, KWSM

These efforts have resulted in continuous improvement with each piece of content we publish. Over the last year, this law firm has enjoyed:

  • Nearly 700,000 impressions on their content
  • Over 52,000 page views on their website
  • Almost 12,500 clicks on content
  • Over 370 first-page keyword results in search

Our brand journalism efforts continue to be a primary driver of search traffic and leads for this client. 

Drive More Leads Through a Brand Journalism Approach to Content Marketing

As we saw in the case study, Brand journalism is a valuable content marketing tool that can help companies drive leads and, in turn, drive success. 

Ultimately, generating high-quality leads is greater than the sum of its parts. By writing compelling content that gives a voice to the humans behind a brand, you create more engaging content, a deeper connection with your audience, build brand awareness, and establish yourself as an authority, all of which contribute significantly to driving leads. 

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