Blog Tips: Maximize the Effectiveness of Blogging

Mar 2022

Blog Tips

Your company’s blog can be a powerful asset in your marketing toolbox. It can work throughout the marketing funnel by helping people get to know your business, engage with you, and convert to a client. The big question to ask is “Where should you be sharing your blog to get maximum exposure and results?”

Share Blogs On Your Company Channels

The most obvious places to share your blog are on your company’s website and social channels. Posting your blog on your website is extremely important for bringing new users and keeping current users engaged. Get maximum exposure to your content by sharing the link to this post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. On these channels, you can catch the eye of users searching for answers that you cover in your blog.

Turn Your Blog Into a Video

Videos are the best way to engage your audience. Turn your blog into a short graphical video. Using design programs like Canva, you can create a slideshow type of video using stock photos and videos to pair with your content. Then, you can share these versions on YouTube, embed them in the blogs on your website, and even create a second blog teaser post on your standard social channels. 

Add Entries to Instagram Guide

If your company uses Instagram, Guides are a great way to upload long-form content like blogs right on the channel. Many businesses miss out on Instagram because they limit accounts to one link and you cannot link on posts. Guides are a workout to allow your company to post your full content and still use your link in bio for the main page you want users to convert.

The biggest benefit of using a company blog is answering questions that your audience is looking for. But answering those questions is enough. You need to strategically place your blog in the areas these users are spending the most of their time. By turning your blog into things like videos, social media posts, and Instagram Guides, you can increase the results you’re getting from your efforts.

megaphone46% of people take recommendations from blogs.

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