Back To Basics: How KWSM More Than Doubled Lead Volume for Gadzoom, Inc.

Mar 2021

Gadzoom has been revolutionizing the way companies and contractors approach construction documentation since 2011. With a construction industry veteran at its helm, Gadzoom offers a cutting-edge documentation creation and management system that makes it easy for superintendents and site safety officers to generate important construction documents in a fraction of the time it would take them to do it the traditional way. The problem is that online platforms, no matter how savvy or helpful, are not “build-it-and-they-will-come” enterprises. The kind of buy-in that every developer and entrepreneurial business owner dreams of only comes from strategic marketing focus in the right places to generate lead volume. That’s where the KWSM team comes in.

KWSM began its partnership with Gadzoom in 2018 and has been championing its innovative approach to construction documents ever since. For Gadzoom, the chief metric of business success is a growing user base. They came to KWSM with a desire to generate consistent lead volume that would allow them to expand their platform profitably. KWSM knew that to help Gadzoom reach its goals, it was essential that Gadzoom’s marketing strategy had a solid foundation in basic sales funnel principles.

Going back to basics isn’t always a bad thing. Below, we outline how KWSM created a solid foundation for Gadzoom with an ironclad sales funnel designed to strategically bring them qualified prospects month after month.

Establishing Expertise

With over 30 years in the federal construction industry, Gadzoom’s creator and CEO is an expert in his field. The challenge he faced was leveraging that expertise as a means for other industry professionals to discover and buy into his product. KWSM addressed this challenge by helping Gadzoom establish a weekly blogging cadence. The KWSM team carefully selected blog topics and keywords designed to capture the interest of supervisors, C-suite executives, and business owners. Gadzoom’s CEO now has a clear and effective plan for how to repurpose his extensive experience in his industry into blogs that serve as educational content poised to capture the interest and attention of construction professionals.

Another key tactic for Gadzoom is creating relevant video content. With the help of the KWSM team, Gadzoom scripts and shoots a handful of videos on a quarterly basis to explain key elements of their platform and comment on evergreen topics and industry pain points. Published blogs and videos are shared across Gadzoom’s social channels as a way for Gadzoom to remain a part of the conversation around topics of interest and importance in their industry.

Engaging Prospects

Gadzoom offers a welcome solution to a variety of construction professionals looking to effectively manage one of the most challenging, but crucial, parts of their job. Since this audience is already primed to pull the trigger on a solution the moment they search terms related to construction documentation, the crux of KWSM’s strategy for Gadzoom is pay-per-click ads through Google and Microsoft search. A very specific keyword strategy ensures that Gadzoom appears at or near the top of the page for a variety of searches directly pertaining to the documents they offer. Prospects who click through to Gadzoom’s website are sent to a conversion-optimized landing page and given the opportunity to opt-in to an open-ended free trial of Gadzoom’s platform. Thus, prospects are granted a risk-free way to engage with the company and to overcome any objections by discovering first-hand the platform’s capabilities.

Nurturing Leads

Though Gadzoom has a fairly short sales cycle, nurturing leads is important to the overall success of their marketing strategy. Prospects who enroll in a free trial are sent a follow-up series of emails providing them with additional materials and resources to help them make a buying decision. Additionally, warm prospects are retargeted with ads across Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube to keep Gadzoom’s solution top-of-mind and help them through the consideration phase of their customer journeys. 

Producing Results

At KWSM, we believe strongly that deploying a limited number of marketing tactics well yields much better results than trying to hop on every new trend as it emerges. With a strategic focus on building a sales funnel that produces consistent results, Gadzoom saw their web traffic increase by 10% year over year, while their website conversions increased by over 180% in the same time period.

Outsourcing lead generation earns 43% better results than in-house lead generation.

Our team works as an extension of your team to pinpoint marketing tactics that really work to increase your prospects and grow your business. 

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