Are You Being 'Social' on Social Media?

Nov 2011

Something that I continue to come back to time and again is the concept that social media is all about being social.  Simple, right?  Then why isn’t everyone doing it?  Why is the vast majority of content thrown onto a page or scheduled, and then never looked at again?  If I wanted a news source, talking head, or information I CAN’T engage with, I can turn on my TV (or a TV, since I don’t own one).  But I don’t want that, and neither does everyone else on social media.  We want engagement, we want conversation, we want to know that when I comment on something, you listened and responded.

The absolute, most frustrating, turn-me-off from a company action is when I reach out and there is no response.  It’s akin to leaving a message for someone, or writing an email, and then never hearing back.  Would you do that to your customers, leads, or fans?  I would guess not.  So don’t do it on social media.  Your reputation depends on it.

I encourage you, take at least 15 minutes, twice a day, and be on your Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, or whatever else you have set up for your business and simply respond to everyone that has ever reached out to you.   Once you are done with that?   Start being social yourself… you might just discover how powerful social media can really be.


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