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Jul 2020

Our next KWSM Video Studio Day is scheduled at our Orange County office on August 6, 2020. You are invited to join us for a safe, socially distanced video shoot to enhance your business’s digital marketing without breaking the bank. This opportunity is a great way to refresh the video content for your website or social media or begin video marketing for the first time. 

What Is Video Studio Day?

Video Studio Day is our cost-effective answer to creating professional video content for small businesses. We offer 30-minute appointments to shoot 4 videos for your website or social media. The first five minutes will consist of setup and coaching time, and the last five minutes will be used to take down anything used for that session. The cost is just $450 – an affordable alternative to a full-day, on-site shoot. Appointments begin at 9:00 a.m. with the last slot at 12:30 p.m. 


After your session, we will create four 30-45 second videos for your business to use however you see fit. The videos will have a clean white background and will feature your logo and the name of the speaker. This is an excellent opportunity to share how your business started, what services or products you provide, how you stand out from competitors and more. Our team will work with you to help you tell your business’s story. 


Video marketing is a great way to drive engagement and website traffic. When it comes to learning about products and services, 72% of customers would prefer to watch a video than to read text. On social media specifically, videos have 48% more views than other types of content. With those statistics in mind, these videos could help increase brand awareness, improve your SEO, and drive future business. We would love to give you guidance on video placement and how to get the most return out of your video content.


What Are the Safety Protocols?

We are excited to get to work with you, and we want everyone to feel comfortable and safe during their session. We have taken the following precautions to protect against COVID-19. 


  • Our office has been closed since March and has been empty and regularly cleaned. 
  • We will have a minimum number of people involved in the shoot with only two of our team members with you in the room. 
  • Participants will arrive a few minutes early and wait in their cars until their scheduled time. We will only have one participant in the building at a time.
  • We ask that you wear a mask on your way into the building, but you can take it off once the camera is rolling and everyone is a safe distance away. 
  • Our team will wear masks and gloves during the entire shoot, and have minimal contact with you while helping adjust the microphone and set up the shot.

You can download our full safety guidelines here.

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up or get more information, visit our website. We will send you a welcome letter with more information about the session and how you can prepare. 


There is no need to be nervous! Two members of our video team, Alexandra and Andrew, will be there to coach you through the entire process from what to wear, how to stand, what to say, how much energy you need and more. 


You will receive sample questions to help you prepare for your session. Please submit any pre-written scripts you’d like to use three days before the shoot to receive edits and have the teleprompter updated.


A recent study found that Internet users spend 88% more time on a website with video, so if you are looking for a great way to stay on top of your marketing efforts while staying safe, join us for Video Studio Day! 


KWSM has an in-house video team that will help give your brand a human face and generate the results you’ve been looking for.


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