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Feb 2013
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Have you heard Pinterest’s Secret Boards – one of the most pinteresting new features on social media?  Pinterest introduced these Secret Boards during the holidays as a way to pin gift ideas away from the prying eyes of the gift-recipients. The creator of the Secret Board can invite those that he or she wants to give access to that particular board, while it remains hidden from the public. Aside from hiding holiday surprises, there are many ways to utilize these boards in the workplace. Here are three of the best:

Inter-company projects and ideas. Pinterest can be another way for the people in a company to communicate. There can be boards concerning a particular project or that contain information on a relevant topic. For example, a real estate group may have a board for pinning graphics or ideas for the company newsletter. Or even a board with tips on how to close a sale. Keeping these boards secret ensures that the exchange of ideas and information stays within the company.

Personal idea board for a project. Whether you’re a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker, you are bound to need some inspiration for a project once in a while. Maybe you’re playing with the idea of a new steak recipe, a new design for a cupcake or a candle that burns a multicolored flame. It can help to see (and pin) what others have tried to jump start your own ideas. Pinning is the technological version of ripping an article or picture out of a magazine. Pinning these things onto a secret board is the virtual equivalent of keeping the clippings in your own cubicle.

Sharing content with clients. A Secret Board can be a more interesting and engaging way to interact with your clients. The same real estate group that uses a Secret Board to pin ideas for their newsletter can also have their agents create individual Secret Boards for their clients. That way, the client can be pinning what they are looking for in a home to the board for the agent to see. The agent can then get a better idea of what their client wants. This can be done for a number of different businesses and can provide more insight into the client’s desires.

How Pinteresting!


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